Finding himself lost on the edge of the Scandinavian wilderness, Pepe, must fight against great odds to be reunited with his family. Armed with only one tutti and a backpack of diapers too small, Pepe starts his journey from the top of the world to the Caribbean Sea.


An emerald green forest, an orange setting sun, pink clouds overhead, evening is just beginning. Panning down to the ground. A lumpy blanket on a small forest clearing begins to move. Out pops a head.

Where am I?

It is summer in Finland today. The sun is shining a bright orange red, like a large orange against the blue sky. The sky is getting dimmer. The high clouds are pinkish. The birds are starting their evening whistles and chirps and music. The Finnish forest is emerald green and full of decades old trees standing tall and proud. Another summer day is coming to a close, but in this part of the world, at the very tippy top part of the world, the day never really ends. The sun just skims across the horizon, bouncing along until it shoots straight back up in the sky with every new day.

There is a rustle in the forest. It sounds like a small pile of leaves moving around. The small wild creatures are stirring about. They are trying to find the last bits of evening food before they go to sleep. The squirrels chase nuts, the rabbits chase green grass, the mice find a warm place in the ground in which to burrow. But these aren’t the only noises in the forest.

There in a small clearing is a lump on the ground. It looks like a blue blanket had been left behind. Someone must have dropped it. Now the blanket is starting to move. Just a little bit at first, then a lot. Something alive must be underneath. What can it be? Out pop a head from the edge of the blanket. A pair of squinty eyes peers out from underneath. It happens to be a little a boy. How did he get here? He has a puzzled look on his face.

It is starting to get dark and the little boy is wondering how he got in the middle of this big forest. Where is everyone? Where are his parents? Where is Oscar, the family dog? What happened? He only remembers being really sleepy after the picnic. He must have eaten too much. But now, everyone is gone! How could they leave him behind? There must be some kind of mistake.

The little boy rolls up his blanket and puts it into a backpack that is lying next to him. Inside the backpack is one tutti, four and a half diapers of a size that is much too small for him, two small boxes of velli and a loaf of rye bread. Apparently, Oscar had eaten the other half of one diaper, but the boy doesn’t seem to mind. He puts on his boots, slings his backpack on and wanders into the forest. As he walks away, there is a small nametag on his backpack as it sways with his every step. It reads, “PEPE”.

Tutti – a pacifier
Velli – a wheat-based milky drink given to babies before they go to sleep.
Oscar – full name, Oscarius Benedictus Alvarius, El Pepe’s family dog. Part Lapland Dog, part Collie, part Wolf, mostly black in color with a white belly and brown highlights. Sometimes has bad breath.