Holy Frak! It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything worthwhile in this age of 140 character tweets and minimal FB status updates. Too many limitations. Who writes letters anymore? I’ve forgotten how. I only buy stamps around Christmas time. A simple Thank You card goes a long way however. So perhaps my age is shining through with my observations. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not critiquing the big change that social media has created by transforming the way we communicate. I’m just saying technology is oddly advancing at an accelerated rate. How can my degrading neurons compete with that? Every once in a while I have to stop, look around, and open my frakking nearsighted gelatinous orbs to observe and report.

So here we are with a new decade and new opportunities for mid-life crises or other challenges that’ll come up and knock us facedown into the dirt. Can I remain pessimistic and optimistic at the same time? Am I able to have the glass at the halfway mark and be allowed to change my mind as time goes on? Anyhow, what the frak is going on these days anyway? People who succeed at their jobs are getting laid off. People who worked their entire lives at trying to get ahead are losing their homes. My family and friends are finding it harder and harder to keep what they own and to make ends meet? Are we on the edge of a new revolution, a new civil uprising, a new version of standing up and saying, “We wan’t our frakkin’ bicycles back!”? How many lines will we draw in the sand before we say, “That is enough! Step the frak back!?” Or will we just be happy with our little corner of dust weevils and decaying skin cells hoping to be left alone?

So thus begins my journey back into blogscape. From the early beginnings of my Geocities page entitled Finlandia Chronicles to Nando’s Notes regarding the Helsinki Wolverines American football squad and onto other old entities such as Nando Calrissian’s Chronicles. Time flies for sure. I am now divorced for the last time, have 2 wonderful sons, am looking for work, hit the big 40 last year and I have a lot on my mind. How about you?

You’ll soon find that I change subjects quicker than most people blink. That’s just the way me olde brain woiks. Who has time to focus on any one thing anyhow? My goal for Nando’s Notes is just to sit here from time to time and let the words flow one by one on a variety of different topics. This is my voice, real and made-up. Ruminations and observations. Memories and recollections. Mixed in with the deep, seedy underbelly of fictitious darkness. A creative outlet of sorts so I can stand back one day and say, “Hey, I created something worthwhile (or not).”

This blog is for me, not you. But you’re welcome to tag along if you wish. Enjoy if you can. Take care & rock on.