Alrighty. One week completed. I dug out from the ashes some old stuff I’ve written ages ago. Sort of like my own personal housecleaning. Got to clear the cobwebs from the deep curves of my cranium and sweep them all away. Plenty of other material to be found elsewhere. Would most likely post some nostalgia along the way as I add more modern up to date content. Email me for suggestions, comments and feedback if you wish.

And thus begins the journey that everyone has to take. Unemployment, uncertainty, a desire for order and clarity. The economy is a bitch out there and she’s taking names of everyone sucked under. It is time to keep my head above water if possible and tread, tread, tread until I can’t tread any longer. Gasp for moments of relaxation among the nervous throng. Stop, look around and smell the sweet fragrance of beauty in all of Mother’s Natures finest forms. To appreciate the little things once more that were long hidden as the rat race marched onwards. To admire how the little ones grow so quickly.