25.01.2010. UPDATE: Sports Academy really missed a good opportunity to actually offer a public apology in front of 200+ fans of their FB group in an effort to promote their upcoming Super Bowl party. But any kind of apology is always well received. Not sure if my friend would ever go back to visit them however. I’ll check back on this later with my own review of their establishment. It’s been a while anyhow.

21.01.2010. UDPATE: SA finally apologized to the patrons who couldn’t see the last few plays of the game even before closing time at 3AM. Here is their response that was emailed directly to Joe:

Dear mr. Terwilliger

I’m sorry You weren’t able to see the rest of the game last sunday, it’s just that the monitors were shut down 02:53 because we must obay the finnish law. If we didn’t, we propably wouldn’t have gotten the extra license for upcoming Super Bowl – which we did, and we are going to be open all night 7-8 of february. And since we are the only bar open for Super Bowl, I think that itself is a strong statement that we still want to be the leading Sports Bar in Scandinavia – and also, that we do push the envelope for our american football fans, too….

However, shouting, swearing and yelling is not a appreciated behaviour.

I apologize from our behalf and hope to see you here again, with your fellow americans!

Sports Academy, Sports Academy Bar

18.01.2010. Last Sunday night my friend, Joe, had a negative customer experience at Sports Academy sportspub in Helsinki. He posted a comment onto SA’s FB page. Let’s see how long it takes anyone to reply. If at all. I wonder if Sports Academy has an e-Reputation Manager.


Joe Terwilliger Sports Academy should be ashamed of themselves! Last night with 1 minute left in the AFC divisional playoff game, and 4th down and 1, basically one play to decide the game, the ownership shut down the power to the television even though it was only 245am. Despite our pleas, the morons behind the bar refused to turn o…n the tv for one minute. I will never patronize that hell-hole ever again! They should be castrated for such inhumane behavior. The nerve of them to call themselves a “sports bar”. Absolutely inexcusably inhumane and insensitive behavior, and they almost incited a riot, had I not remembered that Finland is not a free country!!!!

Nando Miranda
was there a communication problem here? or is it standard procedure for TVs to be shut off 15 min before closing time? i wonder if anyone from SA would chime in here.

Joe Terwilliger
if so, there should minimally be a sign announcing this in a sports bar, for christ’s sake! I mean we decided to watch the game there on the gamble that the game would end by 3, which it easily did! Amazing and obscene policy if it is the policy!!! Totally beyond the pale of reasonable behavior and civilized society!

Joe Terwilliger
And would they turn off the TV if there were a Finland-Sweden ice hockey game that began the shootout to decide the game at 245am? If the answer is no to this question, then their behavior is not only inhumane but also unjustifiable by claiming it is a matter of policy!

Nando Miranda
just playing devil’s advocate here dude. but did u piss off the bartender by any chance? after your pleas, did anyone listen to u or were they just focused on going home instead of listening to a customer? just curious. customer service or lack thereof in helsinki sometimes amazes me

Nando Miranda
well actually there are plenty of places in helsinki that offer a good or even excellent customer experience. i havent been to SA since last summer.