Monday 25.01.2010. 1700.

I was up last night until 0530 or so having gone to bed right after the end of the NFC Championship Game that concluded in overtime (OT) with a 3-point field goal (FG) by the New Orleans Saints who emerged victorious over the Minnesota Vikings 31-28. Had a few amigos americanos visiting as well. It was worth staying up chatting up the close games. We had a blast.

Aside from the two great games last night, what intrigued me the most was the realization that even after all these years living in Helsinki I have remained connected to the National Football League (NFL). It has allowed me to gain the knowledge and vocabulary needed to talk football with my two brothers, friends and family residing here and abroad. The league, the 32 teams, the history, the shared seasons of frustration and humiliation or the very rare chance of being the last team standing – a connection of shared cultural fandemonium.

The same can be said about any european futbol or ice hockey or basketball league etc. Passion of any sport takes you back, keeps you firmly rooted amongst others and brightens any dark winter’s night.