On Tuesday, January 26th, 2010, I went to Maya for lunch with a friend of mine at approximately 1230H. From the lunch menu, I ordered the Coconut Fish. My friend ordered a Vegetarian Tortiza (that’s what it says on the receipt). The salad and soup buffet table prior to the lunches being served was basically ok. Nice, fresh salad items, plus salsa, and a few almost stale tortilla chips. I can sense a stale tortilla chip or potato chip a mile away. Food was generally fine. The coconut fish sat on top of some rice. I couldn’t tell what fish it was nor did I ask. It was certainly very edible. Personally, I dig spicier food and could have used a small bottle of tobasco. Service was very good. The bartender/server dude was very attentive and geniunely asked how the meal was. In Helsinki, this question comes at the end of the meal. I can give an slightly better than average recommendation. Maya isn’t my type of lunching place, but the restaurant has certainly improved since my first visit there about five years ago. Check it out and post your own comments below if you wish.