In essence, I wasn’t too keen on seeing this film, but now I’m kicking myself wondering why it took me couple of years to check it out. I’ve always been a Rob Zombie fan ever since White Zombie’s La Sexorcisto – Devil Music Volume 1 album. Saw them at Hammerjacks in Baltimore in 1994. Or was it ’93? Those were the days of The Cave at Fell’s Point and their Thursday $3 all you can drink watered down piss beer.

I’m a fan of John Carpenter’s original Halloween of ’78 but this version of the story is good, modern slasher entertainment. Zombie’s Halloween is pure evil with the juicy tidbits of knife-shredding-flesh gore in a glorious ballet dance to one of the sweetest official movie soundtracks. The OST is up on the level of mastery than that of Tarantino’s films. Music makes the story come alive. Culture tie-ins that connect the film to a memory of any ordinary audience member. Not to mention John Carpenter’s original eerie piano theme.

In addition to a fresh script and killer music, the casting was superbly done with connections to Clockwork Orange, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Cujo and Dawn of the Dead (Romero 1978) just to mention a few. Overall, Zombie’s Halloween is a frakking bludgeon in the face of any current horror film series. This film will get into your mind and frak you up. It is certainly worth the mindscrew. Check it out.