Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to speak with 13 international students at Aalto University (Helsinki School of Economics). I was there leading a discussion on how marketing principles can be used to create and manage their own professional brand prior to their job search in the Finnish marketplace. For example, the 4Ps are essential to review from a jobseeker’s perspective.

Product – What solutions do you offer to a potential employer (company)? Who are you and what is your skillset?
Place – Where can potential employers find you using both traditional and online techniques?
Price – How do you value yourself during interviews with an eye on negotiating numbers after a job offer is made?
Promotion – What tools should you employ in order to position your professional brand so that it reaches the widest audience or better yet, the small niche group of people who are the real decision makers?

I was very impressed by the students’ outgoing personalities, eagerness to gain more information and questions about working life in Helsinki. I’ve already received requests to connect on Linked In and based on these student backgrounds the future is indeed bright with these new business leaders.