(a work of fiction; a work in progress)

Even if it were the oddest of evolutionary anomalies, the mere fact that she exists with this malady is quite interesting to say the least. Some would dare state it wasn’t a malady at all, but a gift from the heavens to have such a characteristic. The genetic dance that must have been construed over the ages. The timeless combination of proteins that make up the double helix of her construction. Both adapting to the proper temperament and necessary flexibility in order to have this current outcome. All culminating to the point of her existence, here and now. No time for pause, curiosity or explanation, for it will continue on through her family line and perhaps be weaned out eventually over the ages.

If I were to say to you that she had webbed fingers and toes, would your reaction be the same? Perhaps she may turn out to be a better swimmer than the average non-webbed woman. If I were to declare that she were clairvoyant, would you cast a stone or ask her for a reading?

Please allow me to tease you just a little bit longer for there are those from industry who would like me to keep quiet. Who would be more than happy to find me, interrogate me and throw me into a locked cage for weeks. If only she could be studied closely. If only a geneticist with the proper education and intelligence were to find the cause of her situation. If only that geneticist were able to replicate her anomaly for the masses and patent such a solution. If only a marketeer would brand it, manufacture it, sell it on a global scale, even if doing so meant that the industry types would take notice. Industry hates to see their bottom lines affected by others ingenuity. They hope to stave off advancements in science so that they can squeeze more juice from their ancient, dying cash cows. Their aging revenue generators would meet a quick and untimely death if the truth were to be known. And if industry has shareholders and a board to answer to, then heads will roll. Said marketeer would be quickly eradicated, followed by the Nobel prize-winning geneticist, then lastly she would fall into the hands of the whitecoats. Of which she would be prodded and poked and tested ad nauseum.

However, I can’t ever let this happen. Surely you can understand. As much as I had wanted to tell the world at the onset of this article, I now cannot. As much as I would desire the truth be told, I cannot spill the beans. It wouldn’t be safe for myself. It wouldn’t be safe for her and any of her family. Western women will have to continue to suffer. Women will still have to purchase industrial products in order to meet societal and cultural norms. Some do resist, however, the majority continue to adhere to groupthink displays of beautification. The secret of her ailment cannot be clearly revealed. I just can’t do it at this time. It is too dangerous. You know it is. And if I were to tell you, you would be in danger too.