Consulting Morgan – band review

by Nando the Commando

Please note that this review is based on 8 songs from the band’s repertoire on MySpace and Facebook does not include any input from the band performing live in any venue. I did uncover their YouTube channel where a few live tunes from a few gigs were posted. In fact, this was a great relief because I wasn’t exactly sure if the lead singer was male or female. I thought maybe Consulting Morgan had a strange sounding dude on vocals, until I heard their songs again and again, then finally saw some photos and discovered a few videos. Not that there is anything wrong to have this kind of confusion. Maybe my old ears have lost their touch. That’s rock and roll sometimes; you don’t know what you are listening to when you get slapped in the face.

And smacked in the face I was with a couple of Consulting Morgan’s more punk tunes. “I Love the Thing You Do” has a raw energy would easily translate into a crowd-pleaser at any beer crazed Finnish honkytonk. I also dug the tune called “Telephone” with its groovy dudes backup shout-out of “Your ass is on the line…” Other songs I really got into when I found them on their FBpage were “Snake Tattoo”, “You’re On My Mind”, and “Take It Back.” They’ve got killer The Hives meets AC/DC meets L7 meets Lemmy hooks. In my mind, I can see a moshpit at a roadhouse stirring up when this band gets cranked up. Bring on the Jack Daniels and let me get my fists and elbows flying. I’m a skankin’ pickle when I hear Consulting Morgan play their grinding, short and sweet, jabs and uppercuts. At the very least, I could dance with the drunk milf who is stumbling on the dance floor all by herself.

The sign of a good band is when they get to display their musicianship and songwriting skills with creative, more suave tunes, as they tone it down a bit and get into a slower, pop groove sometimes. And Consulting Morgan certainly doesn’t disappoint with the obligatory slower songs such as “Take No More Not Happening” plus “Gold and Alabaster”. Another song I enjoyed was “The Serpent” since it has a “let’s get drunk and stoned with some Tom Petty on the turntable” feel. The guitar solo/musical interlude has some tiny Pink Floyd influences which were a nice surprise.

More confusion reigned when I couldn’t find out what the vocalist chick’s name was. I mean, she has this rough and tumble, Linda Perry thang going on during certain spells. The fact that she has a strong, powerful, low voice is pretty awesome and Which I can imagine would be sweet to witness live if I had the chance. Cuz nothing is cooler than to see a chick sing rockin’ tunes along with talented magicians, especially if the songs are catchy and have decent harmonies. But then I did some more research. The band consists of: Ari-Pekka Paljakka (bass), Petteri Kursukangas (guitar), Kristian Porthan (drums), Hanna Savioja (vocals), Teemu Konttila (lead? guitar). I’ll leave it up to you to figure out who is Pepe, #6, Albert, Kris and Zardax.

What’s up for Consulting Morgan now? I have no idea. I’d like to hit one of their live gigs if I ain’t tied down on the evenings when they display their wares. I notice they are now on Hitlantis and I could imagine one day they put their tunes down on vinyl or plastic if they haven’t done so already. I highly recommend checking them out live if you have the chance. They are on the rise in more ways than one and they get a stiff rise out of me. Or maybe I just have a thing for lady vocalists. Check out the links below and track their next gigs as they get published. Consulting Morgan won’t disappoint, they have something for everyone, dudes and chicks alike. Rock on.

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Gold and Alabaster
I Love The Thing You Do
Take It Back
Take No More Not Happening
The Serpent
Snake Tattoo
You’re On My Mind

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