I don’t have the deep down desire to update my status on Facebook anymore. There isn’t anyone jotting down anything really relevant anyways. Go ahead, take a look. Hundreds of friends trying to say “Look At Me!” all at the same time. It is quite interesting how FB users have evolved since I joined the fray late in ‘007. You always have those idiots who try to turn everyone else’s status updates into a joke with their snarky comments. Not realizing that someone’s grandma is on her deathbed or a child is seriously ill or that it isn’t very nice to poke fun at those who have passed away irregardless of their notoriety or celebrity.

Now for this blog, I barely update it at all. But for me myself and I, this is a more global and personal status update. Sometimes I’ll forget about it for days or weeks. Some months I feel the urge to write something knowing that only a fraction gets to be featured here. And isn’t that what we all really want during these tough times? To leave some sort of legacy behind for one’s children? I don’t have a job, I have no major debts and I barely have assets, however, I know that this doesn’t make me a failure. If I can leave any words of creativity, memories or advice behind that my boys can cherish forever, even if in the public domain, then so be it. I have succeeded in getting my message across, whatever it is. How many friends do you know have the yarbles to write about dreams or places they visit on a worldwide scale? Just a handful? That’s what I thought.

And here I go dismissing my own imperatives and personal values in order to advertise myself yet once again. A hypocrite I am, yet aren’t we all? After I’m done with this article of lameness, I’ll post it live for the universe and God Himself to read. Then I’ll probably use FB to advertise this post of the lame. Not sure if I’ll tweet about it. That’s like shouting in the forest where only the lonely deer will hear me. But now is the time to ditch the laptop (if only I can find the strength to toss it off the balcony one day) and venture off into the Finnish forest once again. Yes, I am Puerto Rican. Yes, I’m a Floridian. Yes, I’m American. Ja kyllä, olen suomalainen. Midsummer is here. Time to recharge the battery and get back to Mother Nature. Perhaps speak a few words to Her directly lamenting the fact that Her daily status updates are much more serious than mine.