summer time has its fair share of strangeness and oddities that only one can truly appreciate while in the dream state. so some crazed ass maniac decides to destroy people’s lives and he continues to gain the public wrath and the media focus on a global scale all at once. i go to the local store, but i can’t go to the one too close to me because it is much more expensive than the other one further away. but i don’t mind the walk. energize the spirit. capture the sun. smell the summer blazing past. the swirls of what ifs dominate on occasion. passing like cool breezes from one event in the past to another. i find that perhaps we all cling to a dream whereas the past could be changed. or just one mistake would erase itself. but then again we fail to realize the consequences of cause and effect thinking that the parallel permutation of one’s universe would have the end result of pure happiness. so i change my thinking mode to another reality of which is to live in the now and not get dogged by the past at all even though she creeps upon my shoulder from time to time with a tap tap tap as i spin around and begin to reminisce. about the current state of which i find myself. jobless for six months would drive any normal soul to cringe and pull their hair out, but i have no hair atop my head so i at least have that kind of advantage. but if i ever chose the road most traveled then i would not find myself a father to two wonderful sons and have a lady who continues to be a constant source of support in a physical and spiritual sense. God blesses her as she keeps my fridge filled. and the nfl lockout is finally over as i’ve become glued to the spectacle of courtroom drama and negotiations between the billionaires and millionaires. as the weak and hungry die of thirst in somalia and the horn of africa as southern sudan gains its independence and international recognition from the oppressive north. it all seems ridiculous how i cling to what i know with senseless abandon. trying to recapture the spirit of being a fan of an american football team from the west coast of florida. and relive the season tickets and comradery imbibed at a tampa bay bandits spring football season of the usfl. that confounded donald trump continues to be a sore in my backside. and my most recent electronic rejection notice claims that i was not one of the special 16 to be selected as a helsinki city tram driver. and thus my dreams of ferrying fellow finnish citizens and the wary traveler around the circuit has come to a crashing halt. but then the bus lines are always looking for ambidextrous, multi-lingual, customer service like automatons to lead right side lanes with expeditionary movement. no drunk moron would dare to throw a fist at the suomi-rican in blue guiding the mammoth through traffic. now it’s time to recharge the braincells and hit the local library to show my youngest the pleasures of free books that will lead to his free mind conjuring up his own imaginations and possibilities for his future. endless hours of lego harry potter and lunar commando while basking in the vinyl music of bread, cheap trick, dangerous toys, dire straits last night. and this morning some amy winehouse cd of which i purchased last year for 1 euro has hit the charts once again. what a vicious way to boost sales. to die abruptly. what a pity. and the icing on the proverbial cupcake we listened to van halen’s debut album of 1978. what a treat for the senses. got to run and check out the books.