from Nando’s Bar & Grill

2 x 700g ground beef or deer, turkey, chicken
2 cans of red kidney beans in chili sauce
olive oil

chop these:
3 medium or large yellow onions
1 green pepper
2-3 tomatoes or can of crushed tomatoes with liquid drained

crush this:
3 large single cloves of garlic

spice with these:
chili powder
cayenne pepper
1/2 of a taco spice envelope

top with:
grated cheese
sour cream/smetana

Cover bottom of pot with oil. Cook meat. Drain fat. Add a splash of oil. Add onions garlic tomatoes green pepper and 2.5 dl (1 cup) of water (or beer). Boil. Add spices. Keep stirring. Turn down heat to medium. Add kidney beans after you see that onions are cooked. Stir. Cook 5-10 minutes, taste the chili, them turn heat down to low/simmer. Serve on top a bed of Spanish yellow rice or plain white rice, along with corn tortilla chips or wrap chili in flour tortillas like a burrito/soft taco. Add other toppings as desired. If you’re feeling frisky, add some sliced chorizo into the pot when it’s cooking.

Serves 6-8. Also recommended for hungry kids and ladies with exquisite style and exotic taste. Tell the kids it is called kick butt chili for superheroes.

When your guests ask you about the chili, tell them it’s from Nando’s Bar & Grill of Helsinki. Feel free to forward this recipe. Note: Any leftovers will taste better the next day. Enjoy!

Time: 35 minutes.

Now that’s some bad ass chili!