Helsinki Wolverines vs. Helsinki 69ers

Date: Saturday, June 10th, 2000

Kickoff: 1800H

Location: Helsinki Velodrome

Weather: Sunny blue skies. Slight breeze. Temperature around 75F.

Field Conditions: OK for speed. Bad on the knees. Turf. The first 100 yard field we played on this year. Actual field goal posts instead of poles taped to soccer goals.

Uniforms: The Wolverines wore last year’s unis (new ones will arrive this week). White jerseys, gold pants, blue helmets with Wolverine wings & stripes. The 69ers wore purple jerseys, white pants and white helmets.


First Quarter-

69ers kicked the ball off to us. We began the drive but got stopped after our 2nd first down. We went for a 4th and 5 at the 69ers 25 yard line but got stopped a half yard short. 69ers 1st possession didn’t amount to not much. They tried to run, but our D made it tough for them. Wolverines got the ball back with an excellent punt return to the 69ers 30 yard line. It was a quick couple plays before a 20 yard pass into the corner of the endzone. XPA was blocked. I assisted with the tackle.

Wolverines 6 – 69ers 0

Once again our D stood tough and the offense got the ball back. Our offense finally hit top gear and drove down the field to score on a pass play again. XPA was good.

Wolverines 13 – 69ers 0

The 69ers then came back with a long drive that lasted until through the 2nd quarter…

Second Quarter –

… and they scored on us for the 3rd TD allowed this year in 10 quarters of play. XPA missed.

Wolverines 13 – 69ers 6

And then the Wolverines marched down the field on a long drive of our own. With a couple long passes. We plunged into the endzone with our goal line beefed up offense. 2 pt. conversion failed.

Wolverines 19 – 69ers 6

A quick interception by our D gave us the ball back. We scored again. 2pt. conversion good.

Wolverines 27 – 69ers 6

Halftime break: Wolverines’ cheerleaders did a little dance to Abba’s Waterloo.

Third Quarter –

The ‘Rines kicked off. The 69ers fumbled the catch. Wolverines recover the ball at the 69ers 35 yard line.

A few plays later we scored again. XPA good.

Wolverines 34 – 69ers 6

We scored a couple more times. Even our 2nd QB had a nice John Elway plunge into the endzone running over the last defender on a bootleg play. A ‘Rine WR made an awesome block that left a shaken up 69ers laying on the field. The 69ers scored once more. But the lead was already too great.

Final: Wolverines 55- 69ers 13

Summary: This game was a short one due to ‘play-through’ time initiated. The 69ers only had 18 men and the clock stopped only for Touchdowns and Timeouts. With more time the score could have been higher.

Now we focus on next Saturday’s game against the 2-0 Varkaus Steelers. A tough match. But I’m on vacation so I will have to skip this one.

From a Center’s Perspective: The 69ers defensive line was short and stout. Kind of like small pints of Guinness. They were easy to block and the few middle blitzes they ran from their linebackers, were easily stopped at the line by yours truly.

That’s all for now.

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