My sister whatsapped me last Tuesday with a photo of our father and the text.

“So did daddy reach to you today?”

All I could think was no. Not this year. I don’t think he will again. He died in 2006. So did a friend of mine last Saturday night in a tragic motorcycle accident Stateside.

I was a quiet storm of nerves and emotions but I tried to forge through the routines of everyday life. The workweek was upon us.

I wasn’t in the mood to be on the lookout for any signs. I hadn’t seen Bus 324 in quite a while and the license plate game had gone a bit silent.

The songs on the radio lagged in corresponding to my thoughts of people, times, and places. Memories that blur oddly with different details upon every review.

No signs today.

Evening came and went. Sleep was difficult, but the next morning I had a song in my head.

The Troggs’ Love Is All Around

Sign received. Signed, sealed, and delivered. The aha moment came and was milked. For a few hours at least last Wednesday, I felt peace and serenity.

The reason being is because our dad’s tombstone reads:

Love Lasts Forever


My friend was OK. My father just wanted me to know.