Helsinki Wolverines vs. Lohja Lions

Date: Saturday, July 2nd, 2000

Kickoff: 1500H

Location: Helsinki Velodrome

Weather: Partly cloudy with sun. Temperature around 20/C75F.

Field Conditions: Our home field is made of turf. Good for speed, but a great cause of rugburn.

Uniforms: The Wolverines wore their new uniforms for the second time today. (although I didn’t play in the last game). Navy jerseys, gold pants, blue helmets with Wolverine wings & stripes. The Lions wore white jersey, grey pants, silver helmets with hawaiian blue numbers and trim. We looked like an exhibition game of the Detroit Lions visiting University of Michigan.

After the 1stQ- Wolverines 14 – Lions 0

Halftime- Wolverines 32 – Lions 0

After 3rdQ. Wolverines 46- Lions 0

FINAL Wolverines 67- Lions 0


I won’t even try a drive by drive analysis. If you add 67 points to a 30 year old brain, then you’re asking for trouble.

We scored on our first drive with a plunge from the 3 on the 3rd try.

We scored on our 3rd drive with a long bomb of 50+ yards. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

We played well. The score speaks for itself.

From a Center’s Perspective: The entire O line was able to push the Lions around. From a Defensive Tackle’s Perspective: The entire O line played some time on Defense in preparation for next week’s game. My first 4 plays from scrimmage were a blast. I had two tackles for loss of yardage each time the running back came to my gap. After the 2nd Q, my Defense time was not very productive. It was tiresome to go both ways playing O and D in the 2nd half.

What’s Next:

Wolverines are now 5-0. We won a couple weeks ago 34-7 against the Varkaus Steelers while I was on vacation. I miss a game and we don’t score over 50 points, coincidence? 😉

Our toughest game of the season will be July 8th versus the Vaasa Vikings. Half of our defense will be missing. Looks like ironman football is back. Now I know how Arena Football players feel like. If the Wolverines can beat Vaasa then it’s easy sailing to win the division and move up to the Maple League next year.

That’s all for now.

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