Helsinki Wolverines vs. Lohja Lions

Date: Saturday, August 12th, 2000

Kickoff: 1500H

Location: Harjun urheilukeskus (Harju Sports Center), Lohja, Finland

Weather: Cloudy. 71.6F/22C or something close. High humidity. slight drizzle.

Field Conditions: A superb soccer field of excellent, high quality grass. My knees loved this pitch. The field was only 90 yards long, but long enough. PVC pipe extensions taped to soccer goals played the role of field goal posts.

Uniforms: The Wolverines wore Wolverine navy blue jerseys, gold pants, blue helmets with Wolverine wings & stripes. The Lions had wanna-be Honolulu blue jerseys, grey pants and silver helmets with a too small Detroit Lions sticker on the side.

Records: HKI Wolverines 8-1 (#1 in South division), Lohja Lions 4-5 (#2 in South division)


1st Quarter: 13-0

Halftime: 34-0

3rd Quarter: 47-0

Final: Wolverines 61 – Lohja Lions 0

It’s always nice to play in a downpour, but last Saturday’s match only gave us some drizzle. Our defense played very well causing 5 turnovers. 4 INTs (1 returned for a TD) and 1 fumble recovery. The Kitty Cats were tamed for the entire match and they saw their 1st First Down in the last 2 minutes of the first half.

The Wolverines were able to run and pass with great efficiency. However, our ever popular draw play (which has scored 3 times for us in the past) got stopped behind the line. And also, our QB was sacked once. Thus, we didn’t play our most perfect game. And there is no more time to practice in live play since the playoffs are beginning soon. We have 7 more practices before our next game. We are ranked #1 so we earned a bye week this weekend. We will play the lowest ranked team and it could very well be that we might host the Tampere Saints again, the only team that beat us this year. Nevertheless, the real games start now. Our last three were just practice games for the real deal. It’s time to rock the stadium and roll some skulls.

After this Lohja game was Rookie Night. The details are still quite scattered, but all rookies had to wear a garbage bag, expose the intimate details of their past lives, sing a song or tell a joke and take a dip in a lake. Not necessarily in that order. Post game party was held at Baker’s.

Division League Standings:

Final regular season record: Helsinki Wolverines 9 wins 1 loss. Points For 534. Points Against 85. #1 ranked offense (204 points more than closest team).

#3 ranked defense in the league. There is one other team ranked 9-1 that is Varkaus whom we defeated 34-7 in week 4 earlier this summer.

Next game is against the lowest ranked team after round 1 of playoffs. Helsinki Velodrome klo 17. 00, Saturday 26.8.2000.

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