Find A Solution is a humorous speech I crafted and delivered for a series of Toastmasters speech contests in autumn 2015. Here is an audio version of this speech.

My process for drafting a speech is a long one because a speech does not get manufactured overnight. An idea seed can certainly arise after a good night’s sleep, but not with all the necessary roots and branches. First, I think of my primary message. Then, I break that down into three stories or sections. Afterwards, I slowly and meticulously find a nice combination of sentences to add meat to the bones. I continuously play with the words in my head as I walk to the train station or while driving around the city. Every weekend, I’ll edit my master speech document by continuously repeating and practicing as often as I can.

This topic about dealing with loss can be quite a heavy one for my audience. Therefore, I used a light, self-deprecating, humorous and slightly disgusting approach in these stories as a collective metaphor for the greater losses of one’s life journey. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy New Year! 2016 is going to be awesome. Be fearless, help others and have fun.