She never texts me anymore like she did before. She used to text me Want Some Company? And every evening thereafter was a Good Night. Now I get nothing… because she is curled up beside me when I wake up each morning.

She never needs to shave her legs. Silky smooth 100% of the time. One of nature’s mysteries. A strange anomaly. Bottle it or give it away. She could be carrying the gene that would destroy an industry overnight.

She never frowns. Every time I see her she has a smile on her face. Except for that one time when she couldn’t find me underneath the train station. But at least we finally made eye contact as I listened to her complain in gest on the phone.

She is Saucy McButterpants and Hotness Nevermean all wrapped up in a sweet package covered with ribbons and balloons. A gift beyond compare. Blessed.