Monday 20.2.2017

0940. Onnibus saves the day and cuts through the grey of the light snow falling West of capital city, Helsinki. The earlier the better when it comes to the weather. Plan ahead and grab a ticket weeks in advance. Round trip for 3 at only 25€. 

We’re on the bus to Turku aboard the Onnibus Express. Para visitar la familia desde Finlandia con mis dos muchachos. It has been a while since we’ve made the journey that does not come often enough.

Let’s see what happens. Make it so. Engage. Disconnect. Drop that phone, bro.

1045. On the benefits of a good woman.

If she is delightfully agreeable to making 3 travellers sandwiches for their trip, then she is likely to have already made plans to greatly enjoy the apartment all to herself for the next 58 hours.

Quid pro quo. Clean the premises. Clear the premises. Then leave her alone until she sends a message to you first. Free tip for a strong relationship.

1120. Arrival in Turku. The brethren and I traverse the city square in hopes of finding a decent WC for junior #2. Wiklund departnent store, second floor, bingo. While waiting, I won 60 cents on my 20 cent investment in the Pikapokeri slot machine. Already winning. Now we sit on bus 2B and ride through the woods to grandmother’s house we go.

1215. Mummitalossa. Their grandmother is an artist. Her apartment is decorated from top to bottom with artwork and interesting artefacts. She made us all hirvikeitto which was excellent and for those not in the know, that is moose stew. Since our last visit, the restroom of this exquisite non AirBnB residence has been renovated.

1330. An artist’s home is unique. It stands out. It slaps you in the face, in a good way, whenever you walk in. You try to find the changes, those new things residing in new places. Because continuous change of one’s own environment is key to an artist’s survival. Was that painting there before? Have I ever seen that red box? I see a new dining room table. Sturdy and strong. But yet some staples remain. The aroma of coffee in the kitchen. The comfortable divan you rest upon after lunch. The amazing home-made dollhouse that keeps offering surprises every time it is opened. Will my sons remember all of these tiny details when the time comes?

1600. In Turku at Puutori is a unique pub that can’t be missed. Once a public restroom, WaterLoo is now a very cute pub. You will not need to travel far to take a piss as you get pissed. Highly recommended. In addition to The Loo, I also recommend the pubs in downtown Turku that have been converted from The Bank, The Pharmacy and The School. Pankki, Apteekki ja Koulu. Check them out. Note: Apteekki is open from 10-02 daily. Ikäraja 20v.

1800. Sometimes entertainment is free as you wander around another city. Especially so if the entertainment consists of two twin dogs frolicking around and obviously playing the Fake Shag Game. Oblivious to the salon attendants and customers inside, the dogs continued their display of faux-love and canine dominance in front of the Arte Hair & Makeup entrance. Come one come all! Get your perm on and enjoy this evening’s entertainment!